About Us / 關於我們

A Strong Ally to Have

We are a team of seasoned executives and professionals, from the top tier US, China and Taiwan companies in Toy, Electronics, Retail, and Consumer Product Manufacturing Industries, who have been helping Mr. Frank Tzeng successfully in increasing various companies’ productivity, growth, and profit in the areas of

  • Human Resources and Management
  • Product and Packaging Design & Development
  • US Sales, Marketing and Licensing
  • Administration and Operations
  • Asia Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Product Safety and Legal Affairs

We are here, through Mr. Frank Tzeng’s leadership, to continue our mission to help the U.S. and Asian companies enhance their competitiveness and sustainability through their people, products, and processes.



  • 人力資源與管理
  • 產品和包裝設計與開發
  • 美國銷售、營銷和品牌授權
  • 跨國公司管理和運營
  • 亞洲生產製造和物流
  • 產品安全與法律事務


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Other’s Confidential Bios upon request